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Current Studies

Emotions and the Pandemic Researchers: Lynn E. O’Connor, Rachna Rangan, Jack W. Berry, Naomi Lam, Katie McGovern, Sari Kosdon and Virginia Morgan.

Emotion and Personality Researchers: Lynn O’Connor, Tom Lewis and Jack Berry.

Emotions and Culture Researchers: Lynn O’Connor and Jack Berry.

Past Studies

The Jewish Experience-II. Researchers: Sari Kosdon and Lynn O’Connor.

Study of Coming Out, Discrimination, Family and Culture. Researchers: Alexander Keller and Lynn O’Connor.

Culture and Emotions in Chinese Families Researchers: Tony Li and Lynn O’Connor.

After the Shooting in Las Vegas: Were You There? Researcher: Lynn O’Connor.

Immigration and Emotions. Researchers: Parisa Shoja and Lynn O’Connor.

Caretakers and Emotions. Researchers: Ashley M. Mezzasalma and Lynn O’Connor.

Professional Psychotherapists and Peer Counseling. Researchers: David A. Gumpert and Lynn O’Connor.

Emotions and Personality. Researchers: Lynn O’Connor, Thomas Lewis, and Jack Berry.

Study of Empathy and Emotions in the US Military. Researchers: Lynn O’Connor, Jack Berry, Cynthia Maguire and David Stiver.

Emotions and Culture. Researchers: Lynn O’Connor and Jack Berry.

Study of Green Guilt and Green Behavior. Manisha Masher Sudindranath and Lynn O'Connor.

Life in the Office. Researchers: Lynn O’Connor and Jack Berry.

Study of Emotions and Collegiate Experience. Researchers: Adrianna Gonzales, Lynn O’Connor, and Jack Berry.

Study of Mood and Friendship. Researchers: Kirsten Helgager and Lynn O’Connor.

Study of the Military and Facebook. Researchers: Joanna Morgan and Lynn O’Connor.

Study of Self Disclosure by Therapists. David Stone and Kathy Mulherin.

Neurotransmitter Attributes Questionaire Study for Psychiatrists. Lynn O'Connor, Thomas Lewis, and Jack Berry.

Why People Go to the Fitness Center. Vanessa Vagt and Lynn O'Connor.

Trouble in the Workplace. Anna Shorenstein and Lynn O'Connor.

Psychologists', psychiatrists', and other mental health professionals' personal use of psychoactive medication: the ongoing stigma connected to psychological problems and treatment.. Karen Godfredsen, Lynn O'Connor, and Thomas Lewis.

The role of interpersonal guilt in self destructive behaviors among foster youth. Rebecca Murray, Lynn O'Connor, Kathy Mulherin, and JackBerry.

How Clinicians View Psychotherapy. Charlotte Tilson, Lynn O'Connor and Kathy Mulherin.

When do we forgive? Jack Berry, Lynn O'Connor, Eunice Yi, and David Stone.

The distribution of the Big Five in Division 1 teams: A pilot study. Karen Davison and Neal McSherry, supervised by Lynn O'Connor.

Survivor guilt across generations: Adult children of Holocaust survivors (2004). Judith Hirsch, CSPP/Alliant U; Carol Huffine, Chair;and Norm Sohn, Second Reader

Sexual masochism, guilt, and the martyr mother phenomenon (2004). Robert Steiner, Jack Berry, Lynn O'Connor, and Joe Weiss, presented atthe American Psychological Association meetings, July 2004.

Survivor guilt: Surpassing siblings, friends, or strangers. LynnO'Connor, Jack Berry, Nicole Kryla, Terese Mascardo, Eunice Yi, David Sloan Wilson, and Jeffrey P. Schloss, presented at the American Psychological Association meetings, July 2004.

Altruism, empathy, and interpersonal guilt (2003). Lynn O'Connor, Jack Berry and David Sloan Wilson. Conference on Works of Love: Scientific and Religious Perspectives on Altruism. Villanova.

Altruism, empathy, guilt, and personality. (June 2003). Lauren Tolk, Lynn O'Connor, Jack Berry and Eunice Yi. American Psychological SocietyAnnual Meetings, Atlanta GA, Poster Presentation.

Altruism, empathy, guilt and attachment style. Lynn O'Connor, Jack Berry, Lauren Tolk, Thomas Lewis, and Eunice Yi.

The development of a measure of altruism: Altruism as a primary nonconscious human motivation. Jack Berry, Lynn O'Connor, Eunice Yi,Thomas Lewis, and Everett Worthington. Villanova.

Altruism and the structure of virtue-preferences and practices. Jack Berry, Lynn O'Connor, and Everett Worthington.

Control Mastery and Attachment Theory: an Integration. Amy Walthall, Committee members, Lynn O'Connor, and Steve Kusch.

Therapy conducted from a control mastery perspective: A pilot effectiveness study with 11 patients. Jane Weisbin, Committee members, Lynn O'Connor, Bill Meehan, and third reader, Jack Berry.

The development of a measure of suicide risk, Emily Diamond.Committee members, Lynn O'Connor and Tom Bonas.

Interpersonal guilt in a Swedish population: a comparative study.Ginny Morgan, Lynn O'Connor, and Jack Berry.

Religion, religiosity and interpersonal guilt (2003). ElizabethAlbertsen, Lynn O'Connor, and Jack Berry.

Interpersonal guilt and responses to terrorism (2001). Lynn O'Connor,Jack Berry, Eunice Yi, and Margaret Lynch, American PsychologicalAssociation Annual Meetings, San Francisco, Poster Presentation.

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